Audio Solutions For Games

Sound Design, Audio Implementation, Post Production, and Composition for Games and Other Media. Voice Over recording, direction, editing and post. For a rate quote click here.

Below are some trailers for games I have worked on recently:

Spec Ops: The Line
Sound Design, audio implementation in Unreal Engine using FMOD, VO post.

Eve Online
Sound Design

Dust 514 – E3 Trailer 2012
Sound Design, audio implementation using Wwise.

Dishonored – E3 Trailer 2012
Ambient Soundscapes

Kingdom Under Fire II
Sound Design

Ruined Online Trailer 2011
Sound Design, audio implementation in Unity

UPDATE: Ruined Online was “shut down quietly” according to this article.

Smuggle Truck/Snuggle Truck
Sound Design, Composition, Voice Overs

This game was denied by Apple so it was converted to Snuggle Truck, where you help animals escape from the zoo. Prior to this, it received a lot of national press, including this piece on MSNBC.

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