Brian Dutton is a Sound Designer, Audio Programmer, and Composer who works primarily on video games. A lifelong gamer ever since his grandparents bought him an Atari 2600 at age 3, Brian was amazed when he discovered there was a career that could combine his love of audio and music with his passion for games. He graduated with honors from Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music, where he studied audio production, sound design, and composition.  After spending nearly a decade in New York, where he showcased his musical talents at numerous venues such as Joe’s Pub, The Canal Room, Crash Mansion, and CBGB’s, Brian relocated to Boston and has contributed audio work to many games including Spec Ops:The Line, Dust 514, and Eve Online. Brian currently heads up Asinine Games Inc and works as a freelance Sound Designer and Composer for games big and small.